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Refer And Earn

You get Rs. 50 from every order you bring.

Friends get 15 % discount coupon.

WIN!!- WIN!!

Step 1
Login/register and create your coupon code. After email confirmation, visit My Account and click on Affiliate.
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Step 2
From Affiliate Dashboard, share coupon code or referral link.
Step 3
After each successful purchase from your referral, you will get an email confirmation.
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Step 4
Withdraw your reward as a discount or payment.
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Submit application for referral

Open for existing customers only.

Referral FAQ

After email confirmation, login to your account dashboard. You will see Affiliate menu.

You can either share your referral url or your coupon code as seen in Affiliate Dashboard.

All our users inside Nepal with an account login are eligible to participate.

You can refer as many friends as you like. You will get a reward for each referral.


Rewards are only issued for successful orders.

A purchase needs to happen from your referral link or your coupon code.

Send an email to stating you would like to withdraw.

We will issue a one time coupon code equivalent to your total reward amount or provide pay out of amount depending on your preference.

No, the referral coupons sent and earned will only apply to books that are not on sale.

Referral coupons can be stacked together but cannot be combined with other promotions.

If any users is found abusing the program, the user will be blacklisted and banned from our website.

We will cancel and not honor any orders made through such means.






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