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Get points for every purchase including extra points for very first purchase.

Every Purchase = 100 Points

Very First Purchase = 50 Points

Earn extra points for each multiple of the total order value above Rs. 2500

*Order Total ≥ Rs. 2500 =  50 Points

*Applicable from 10/18/2023

After making a purchase, review the product to get points.

1 Product Review = 20 Points*

*Spam or misleading/unrelated reviews will not be attributed.

Current points can be viewed in Login→My Account→Points or here.

After obtaining a total of 500 points, automatic 15 % discount coupon is unlocked.

Each coupon is limited to one time use with no expiry date.

Multiple loyalty coupons can be combined and used together. (* Applicable from 01/01/2023)

However, loyalty coupon cannot be combined with other discounts including membership and bulk.


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