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Hiranyavarna Mahavihar (Kwa Baha) (Golden Temple) – Chandra B Shakya


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Mr Chandra B Shakya is a member of Hiranyavarna Mahavihar. He has already shouldered the responsibility of carrying out daily rituals of Kwapadyo for one month. He has written books such as Buddhist Deities and Masters: An Introduction, published by Adarsha Publication house of Delhi, India 2009, Golden Faces of Dipankara Buddha, Samyak Mahadana Festival of Nepal, published by Rita Shakya, 2014.
In this book entitled ‘Hiranyavarna Mahavihar’, he has tried to describe the deities as well as the rituals that are carried out in a very short and precise way. He has also highlighted the importance of this Mahavihar, popularly known as Golden Temple among foreign visitors, in a very understandable manner. It is expected that this small book would provide sizeable information about this famous Mahavihar to the readers. For more detailed information, the author can be reached through email which is chandrashakya123@gmail. com or the Hiranyavarna Mahavihar Management Committee.
May all human beings strive to understand the ultimate truth (Bodhi Gyana) and live their lives accordingly.

Hiranyavarna Mahavihar (Kwa Baha) (Golden Temple) – Chandra B Shakya

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