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Hindu Philosophy (Practical and Moral Values) – Gyanendra Pr. Adhikari


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Gyanendra Pr. Adhikari “Henson” born in 1948 is a graduate on Social Science from Trubhuwan University Kathmandu. He also took courses in Educational Management in the graduate school of Andrew University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA. He is a social worker and presently involved in trying to uplift the members of the Nepalese Community who have been left behind in this rapid wave of “Modernization.” It is his friendly and amicable nature with all kinds of people that has made this book possible.
1) Reminiscences of Nepal-2000 (English)
2) Nepal Ka Samjhaana Haru-2003 (Nepali) 3) Hindu Samaaj 2009 (Nepali)
41 Merc Desh Mero Nepal 2012 (Nepali)
Si Maan Bhitra Mero Nepal 2014 (Nepali)
Books written by Author
6) Hindu Society Practical and Moral Values 2015 (English)
1) Know Nepal, (English)
21 Sighs of Sorrow (English
3) Virhah Ka Suskera Haru (Nepali)
4) History Of Tourism In Nepal (English)
5) What Is Life (English:
In process
“Hinduism” is an ideal way of life that was developed by the learned and knowledgeable people from the south, who lived close to the sea and exposed to sunshine, and those highly spiritual practitioners who lived in the Himalayan Mountains. Both these groups combined their knowledge as encoded in the Vedas and other Hindu scriptures, have been the results of their spiritual, social and cultural experience. It is written in the Hindu Scriptures:
Janmana Jayate Shudra: Sanskard Dwij Uchyate:
Meaning every human being, born in this world, is raw and innocent. That is why so many rituals and sacra- ments are performed on a Hindu from birth to death to make them a perfect and an able human being, so that they can travel the journey of life successfully. When sacraments are performed on them they are being cleaned and refined. Otherwise they are like a diamond found in a mine, black and formless filled with many impurities, but after it has been cleaned, cut and polished become dazzling fit to be worn on a crown. Hinduism preaches love, peace, harmony and unity. An ideal Hindu, right from the time they get up in the morning till they go to bed remember with reverence their creator, country, ancestors and all the things that help them to pass their journey of life smoothly.
A nation does not slip into oblivion when it is conquered by an outside power, but it begins to die when it loses its culture and civilization. So if Hindus forget and discard their art, literature, music and cultural values, they will lose their identity.

Hindu Philosophy (Practical and Moral Values) – Gyanendra Pr. Adhikari

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