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Being A Brilliant Thinker – Gayatri Kalra Sehgal (old/rare)


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Being A Brilliant Thinker – Gayatri Kalra Sehgal|Skills that build is a series that guides parents and educators to develop a child?s essential life skills through activities that reinforce each skill in a fun and engaging way! Being a brilliant thinker is an essential book meant to enhance and hone the fundamental process of thinking in a child. What it does brilliantly is to shift the traditional focus from ?what? to think to ?how? to thinkers smart move from content to skill. Through interactive hands-on activities, this book offers tangible solutions by introducing children to real-life situations in a guided setting. And all this, without the children even realizing that they are breaking any mental sweat. Important issues like safety and security are creatively introduced, often through hilarious situations such as imagining the history of a toothbrush!! All in all, being a brilliant thinker helps develop holistic thinking and empowers children to act effectively and efficiently in real-life situations.

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