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You Turn India – H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar|About the Book: You Turn India India has seen wave after wave of plunder. These continuous plunders have impoverished the land. Plunder and poverty are two sides of the same coin. Where plunder occurs, poverty follows. The plunders of India have occurred in 3 distinct waves. The 3rd wave of plunder is on today, in our times, by our own brethren, through corruption, black money and tax havens. Is there a way to arrest and reverse this 3rd wave of plunder to get the monies back? If the monies do return, what should you choose as the formula for deploying them to rejuvenate the economy and the land in a sustainable manner, for next few centuries and millennia to come? Today, India is on a path lined with Plunder, Poverty and Parchedness. It is time to act to turn India around. You can Turn India? A Total U-Turn!

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