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Yeti Mystery (Old And Rare) – Ram Kumar Panday


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Prof. Ram Kumar Panday, in this volume, has presented latest views and visions of the Himalayan snowman Yeti. In fact, he is only one authority on this wild creature that is watching since three decades. Several research studies have been done during that period. His first book on yeti is also the first book from Nepali scholar. Yeti Tells published in 1977 (revised edition in 1981) and second volume Yeti Accounts came out in 1994 all is his contributions in highlighting this mysterious creature of the mountain. This volume Yeti Mystery has covered decade’s studies on Yeti. After reading his three volumes it becomes very hard to disbelieve existence of Yeti. Very sensational, romantic, adventurous and wildness of the subject successfully takes one into the Yeti world. We hope this book on living legend also will satisfy like his previous works on Snowman’s fantasy and mystery.Yeti Mystery (Old And Rare) – Ram Kumar Panday

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