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Witches And Warlocks (Old And Rare) – Philip W. Sergeant


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Witchcraft and the supernatural have captured the imagination for thousands of years. In times gone by, the simple and credulous had limited ability to deal with phenomena of which they were ignorant. Often, events and happenings beyond the normal were taken as evidence of malefic forces at work. In certain eras, witchcraft has been seen as the cause of many of mankind’s ills ? from curdled milk to bad luck.
Philip Sergeant’s Witches and Warlocks is a lucid account of the lore and practices of witchcraft and sorcery. It separates the reality of occult practices from the fears of its detractors, laying the verities of this fascinating phenomenon before the reader and providing a superb guide to the spells, salves and Sabbaths of both male and female practitioners of the Black Art.
Witches And Warlocks (Old And Rare) – Philip W. Sergeant

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