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Why Men Lie and Women Cry – Allan Pease and Barbara Pease


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Why Men Lie & Women Cry is a personal development book written by Allan and Barbara Pease. This book is a funny investigation into the psychological barriers between both the genders and how they can overcome these barriers. It discusses the difference in behaviour between women and men, what makes them sexually attracted, and how to mend the gap between the genders to attain a satisfying relationship. It covers many topics such as sex appeal, women’s secret ways with words, the biggest mysteries about men, why women cry, things men do that drive women insane, and women’s nagging. The authors try to set up a universal theme and define the common problems that couples have, and then provide practical solutions. The book includes a few scenarios that may not apply to everyone, but they do apply to a majority. The stories in this book are all true stories. The book allows readers to remove the confusion and mystery from their lives and make it easier. It explains to readers the ?other side?s? opinion, so readers may have a gist of how their neighbours, friends, in-laws, father, mother, or anyone may feel.Why Men Lie and Women Cry – Allan Pease and Barbara Pease

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