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Why I Am An Atheist And Other Works (Fingerprint) – Bhagat Singh


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“ During your last days, you will begin to believe.” I said, “ No, dear Sir, it shall not be.” Bhagat Singh was one of the greatest freedom fighters of the independence of India. He fearlessly led protests and kept on fighting for his nation in the way he thought fit, even if his life was at stake. This fearless quality shone in his writings as well. After he was imprisoned, he put pen to paper and wrote ‘ Why I Am an Atheist’ — an essay questioning the existence of god— with complete knowledge of the fact that this was a country filled with people who were generally religious and superstitious. From an essay that explores atheism, heartfelt letters to family, inspirational letters to comrades, to notices sent to court, and even an introduction to a poetical work— Bhagat Singh‘ s wide-ranging works, reflections of a cultivated mind, have been put together in this covetable collection.
Why I Am An Atheist And Other Works (Fingerprint) – Bhagat Singh

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