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Unity of Parallels – Swami Krishna


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This book explores an universal wisdom that resolves all contrasts of human intellect and submites a profound answer to the various quarries, such as; i. Util t day, there is utterly missing about an universally accepted principle on thebasis of which all other fundamentals of studies such as philosophy, Religion, Science, Economy, Health, Education etc. can be explained to find an interdependent relation among them ii. There is no any single principle in Physics that can bind all other contrasting force theories together. iii. There is completely a sence of a scientific metal law that can correspond to the law of physics. iv.There is no any single scientific and psycologi- cal law that can establish a co-relation to all other human and social phenomena. v. There is no any single principle that can bridge a contrast between physics and religion and a contrast between natural science and human science vii. There is no any law that can predict the past and future events accurately. viii. There is no any law that confirms anuniquely single source of existence either in a creative, or in an evolutionary or in any other ways. ix. There is no any law that can assure the highest aim of humans.
Unity of Parallels – Swami Krishna

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