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Under the Shadow of Violence (Old And Rare) – Kishore Nepal


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Under the Shadow of Violence gives a graphic account of the daily difficulties and traumatic suffering of the Nepali people amidst the on-going violent conflict. It tells of a population ‘sandwiched’ between the guns of the Maoists and the government security forces whose daily lives are disrupted in every way. It tells a story that is beyond the reach of the Kathmandu-centric media and the people of Nepal’s capital city.
Over the past two and a half years Kishore Nepal has travelled more than 200,000 km by road, air and on foot across Nepal’s hills, plains, and mountains, traversing 70 of Nepal’s 75 districts to collect material for his popular television series Mata-Abhimat and for this book. In the course of his travels the author has interviewed hundreds of people from every walk of life and held dozens of group discussions.
The first part of the book gives the author’s impressions based on the views of a cross-section of the Nepali people whilst the second gives district-wise accounts of local people’s experiences of the disruptions caused by the conflict. The final concluding part gives remarks about the distant prospect of peace and a commentary on the power shift that the author sees happening across Nepal as a result of the historical neglect of most of the country by the governing powers.
Under the Shadow of Violence (Old And Rare) – Kishore Nepal

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