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Broadcaster, publicist, editor, publisher, administrator and diplomat Tirtha Raj Tuladhar was born in Kathmandu on March 10th, 1925. He is a graduate of Patna University, India, with Distinction (1953).
His major translation works include A Harvest of Poems in two volumes by M.B.B. Shah (1964), incorporating the shorter version published under the name of A Choice of Songs (1960); My Wish and Other Poems of Vijaya Malla (1994); A Representative Collection of Nepal Bhasha Poems (1997); Sugata Saurabha by Chittadhar ‘Hridaya’ (1998); and The Spring by Bishva Keshar Maskey (in press).
In this connection, mention may be made of Akhe (1965), a collection of chiefly European short stories, which he translated into the Newar language, for which he received the prestigious award Shrestha Sirapa (1966); Some Folk Tales of Nepal (1968), a UNESCO-funded publication; and James Hilton’s Good-bye Mr. Chips, which he translated into the Nepali language and serialized in Madhuparka (April-November, 1981).
Biographer of His late Majesty King Mahendra, and recipient of the Order of Trishakti Patta, Second Class, (1975), and the Order of Gorkh? Dakshin B?hu, First Class, (1979). Mr Tuladhar is also a minor poet and Lyricist, whose modest output lies buried in the pages of literary magazines, most of which have (like good money) been driven out of circulation; and in the dog-eared notebooks of composers and crooners, almost none of whom are any longer in the limelight.
Twists and Turns – Tirtha Raj Tuladhar

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