Tourism Scene in Nepal – Yajna Raj Satyal


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Tourism Scene in Nepal – Yajna Raj Satyal | This book contains on tourism informations of Nepal giving lights on her vast cultural and natural resources. The creative input is based specially showing the setting of Nepal in the touristic map of the world. Tourism features limelighting its indescribable beauty, historical background, religious and artistic values of the national heritage of Nepal. Since time immemoral, lying between her big two neighbours, India, in the south and Republic of China on the north, it is a repository of relics and enfluences of both civilizations. Temples, shrines and Buddhist Stupas dot the salvan landscape and fill its hidden cities and green valleys. Nepal lends a charm and individuality which is unique and distinct. The influence of Hinduism and Buddhism has produced a rich creations revealing the geneus of the Nepali people in stone, wood, in brick terracotta and ivory and in brass, bronze, silk, wood, oil, and other things. Cultural activities comprise of interesting festivals which have an audio-visual impact of unforgetable dimension. Nepal has set aside more than 13,000 sq. kms. of protected areas that include as many bio-geographic regions as possible to assure conservation of the maximum numbers of wild species. So, the tourism assets and its dimensions are very plainly presented in this book so as to familiarise the reader with all its potentials. The study of the tourism is focussed in development context in this book.

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