Thug or a Million Murders – Colonel James L. Sleeman


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Thug or a Million Murders is the history of the ancient practice of murdering pilgrims and the stealing their goods which was especially prevalent in north India. Though the practice of robbing pilgrims was common the world over and the Christian and Muslim pilgrims both faced this problem it appears to have been more organised and even to some extent ritualistic in the central Indian plains. The practice of Thugee spanned a period of almost three hundred years and made travel for the majority of Indian pilgrims very insecure.
When the British came to India this practice was rampant. Along with certain Indian intellectuals who also felt that this was a social evil that should be removed to make India a safer place to exist they decided that in the interest of law and order this menace had to be removed. A task which Major General Sir William Sleeman took up.
This book written by his grandson Colonel James L Sleeman is based on the journals and records maintained by his grand father. It is a
complete history of the events that took place whilst tracking down the culprits and an in-depth study into their lives and modus operandi.
The story of this community, which crossed the boundaries of caste and creed, is a great revelation into the ways of the various clans and their individual practices whilst carrying out their dastardly acts.
Thug or a Million Murders – Colonel James L. Sleeman

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