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This Light in Oneself – J. Krishnamurti


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A leading spiritual teacher of the twentieth century presents meditation as a tool for better understanding not just ourselves but the world around us.

“When you observe, when you become extraordinarily aware of this activity of the self, then the mind becomes extraordinarily quiet, sane, healthy, holy.” – J. Krishnamurti

This compilation of Krishnamurti’s work focuses on the nature of human consciousness, man’s inquiry into truth, the importance of being a light to oneself, and the true meaning of meditation, silence, enlightenment, and the sacred. Seekers who are trying to find the true meaning of a religious life in the modern world will find, in these pages, questions and statements that help to intensify their search.

Krishnamurti’s main theme is the essential need to look inward, to know ourselves, in order to understand our own―and the world’s―conflicts. “We are the world”, says Krishnamurti and “it is our individual chaos that creates social disorder.”

Pick up this book and embrace the profound wisdom within this book, unveiling the wellspring of genuine freedom and profound insight, gifted by the author.
This Light in Oneself – J. Krishnamurti

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