The Wildest Dreams Of Kew – Jeremy Bernstein (Old And Rare)


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The Wildest Dreams of Kew
?And the wildest dreams of Kew are the facts of Kathmandu…..”
– Rudyard Kipling
In this impressionistic narrative of the history, land and people, Jeremy Bernstein takes the reader into “an extremely vivid natural environment, frequently hostile, surrounded by mountains, jungles, wild animals, often plagues, without doctors to cure the sick, without electric lights to illuminate the night”, where “every object of nature becomes charged with mystical powers, and the Himalayan snows floating above the Nepalese countryside in serene, remote grandeur become the abodes of gods.”
The Wildest Dreams of Kew is a graphically rich rendering of Nepalese and their 500-mile long buffer state-an ancient brew of intrepid Sherpas and fierce Gurkha tribesmen, of a people who moved from the age of the wheel to the age of the aeroplane with no stops in between. At the same time, this is the fascinating account of three Western visitors who trek across a countryside up the glazed slopes of Everest and, in the process, discover the social patterns and philosophical insights of another world.
The Wildest Dreams Of Kew – Jeremy Bernstein (Old And Rare)

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