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The Time Merchants – Vasudev Murthy (old/rare)


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The Time Merchants – Vasudev Murthy (Old/Bargain)|This set of thirty powerful short stories takes the readers on a journey from the absurd to the sublimely sensitive, from the mundane to the esoteric and from the depths of extreme sorrow to the heights of humour. It explores the boundaries of imagination and holds the attention of readers with unusual storylines, tight and subtle language and a unique narrative style. This is a book for the intelligent reader who is willing to be challenged and provoked on practically every issue of emotive significance – the soul, the meaning of time, love, ghosts, loneliness, death, the future, obsessions and music. What happens when you sleep? Who consumes music to live? Is poetry being outsourced to a caller in Bangalore? Are you being watched every second?

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