The Talismans Of Shannara (Old And Rare) – Shannara


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A spellbinding tale of adventure,
magic and myth The descendants of the Elven house of Shannara have all completed their quests: Paranor, the Druids
Keep, has been restored; the Elves have been returned to the Four Lands; and Par Ohmsford has found what he believes to be the legendary
Sword of Shannara. But their work is not yet done – for Rimmer Dall,
the leader of the Shadowen, is determined to prevent the Scions of Shannara from sharing with each other the knowledge that will end the sickness. And Walker Boh, Wren Elessedil and Par will all face their greatest challenges before they can complete
the tasks set by the Druid Allanon …
The Talismans Of Shannara (Old And Rare) – Shannara

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