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The Sweet Heart – Ujjwal Bikram Khadka (old/rare)


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The Sweet Heart – Ujjwal Bikram Khadka (Old/Bargain)|Born a handicaped, Akansa voluntarily thrusts herself from affluence (in her hometown) to depravity (in a village). But the misfortune incites a new found companionship along with psychic skills which in essence makes her question everything in her life. So, a wannabe writer and philanthropist (inspired by depravity) who is compelled to indulge in unrelenting acts of sin; a few clairvoyants and psychics toiling to redeem the village of the wrath of sins performed by the inhabitants (including some of her relatives like her love interest Raman); spirits of deceased villagers in the jungle performing horrendous crimes to acquire life these happenstances in Akansa’s life contrive to this: an enormous resistance in the fulfillment of her ambitions. And in its essence invokes a bemusing life circumstance, where she finds herself staring at the relics of bygone dreams and aspirations. The story is hence a testimonial to a handicaped girl’s quest for ambition and self-discovery and the discovery of meaning of her life and that of life itself.

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