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The Story Of My Life (Transworld) – Helen Keller


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The Story Of My Life (Transworld) – Helen Keller | ?You are amazed at all the things you know which
are not on the examination paper.?
Emerging confidently from darkness and silence, she won over her blindness and deafness. Armed with curiosity and imagination, she was grateful for the senses and skills she possessed. Meet Helen Keller, whose life is a classic example of unfaltering determination.
Detailing her experiences from childhood till the age of twenty-one and the beautiful relationship she shared with Anne Sullivan, her governess and companion, the Story of My Life is an engaging account of Helen Keller?s growing up years. a timeless chronicle, it continues to inspire its readers more than a century after its first publication.
This version includes exclusive letters exchanged between Helen and Anne Sullivan Macy (Helen?s teacher and lifelong companion) between 1897-1901.

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