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The Startup Way – Eric Ries


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The Startup Way – Eric Ries | In?The Lean Startup, Eric Ries laid out the practices of successful startups ? building a minimal viable product, customer-focused and scientific testing based on a build-measure-learn method of continuous innovation, and deciding whether to persevere or pivot. In?The Startup Way, he turns his attention to an entirely new group of organizations: established enterprises like iconic multinationals GE and Toyota, tech titans like Amazon and Facebook, and the next generation of Silicon Valley upstarts like Airbnb and Twilio.? Drawing on his experiences over the past five years working with these organizations, as well as nonprofits, NGOs, and governments,?Ries lays out a system of entrepreneurial management that leads organizations of all sizes ?and from every industry to sustainable growth and long-term impact.?Filled with in-the-field stories, insights, and tools,?The Startup Way?is an essential road map for any organization navigating the uncertain waters of the century ahead.

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