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The Sheep Thief – Al Walker


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The Sheep Thief – Al Walker|Several hundred years ago in a quaint village in Italy, two young men were caught stealing sheep. They were immediately taken to trial before the town judge, found guilty and, there in front of their fellow villagers, were given their sentences. It was a cruel, harsh and painful sentence that would mark them for life. One of these men died a lonely, embarrassed and embittered old man who was far away from home, penniless and without any friends, while the other overcame his past to become the wealthiest, most successful man in the region. Everyone knew his name and honored him. Al Walker utilizes the parable of The Sheep Thief and the character of Mr. Taylor, a successful corporate board member and mentor, to remind us that anyone, anywhere can make a positive change in life. Key Selling Points : 1 Based on an inspiring parable. 2 Easy to read-easy to apply in your life. 3 The book comes recommended by a number of industry leaders. 4 Foreword by Bob Johnson.

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