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The Secret Garden (Penguin) – Frances Burnett


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Young Mary Lennox is unhappy and alone. Suddenly orphaned, she’s sent to live with her uncle at his estate on the wild Yorkshire Moors. A grand house, Misselthwaite Manor seems to be full of secrets; it has almost a hundred rooms, and at night Mary can hear someone crying. Her uncle is a mystery too; he prefers solitude and keeps himself locked in his chambers.
Neglected and miserable, Mary spends her days wandering around the house-until she discovers a walled garden that has been hidden and locked for years. Driven by a newfound purpose, Mary makes it her mission to breathe life into the secret garden. She shares its key with two unlikely companions-opening the door to a world of happiness and hope. And as Mary works hard to bring the garden back to life, its magic begins to work on her too . . .
An unforgettable tale of friendship, hope, and new beginnings-The Secret Garden is one of the greatest classics of children’s literature.
The Secret Garden (Penguin) – Frances Burnett

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