The Scientific Basis Of Mind Control – Arun Kumar Singh


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In the last 60 years the I subject of mind control has evolved and tremendous
progress has been made. Scientists have invented a device (chip) which can record/download memories, learning and behavior from one mind and implant them into another mind !
Dr. Arun Kumar Singh
The scenario is chilling to the core. Most of the countries are engaged in these inhuman researches. Huge resources – monetary, technical, man power, artificial intelligence ? are being devoted to such work, whereas vast sections of society are engaged in their struggle for survival on a daily basis.
Most of these aspects are kept under wrap, in the name of national interests. Common man is not aware that these ghastly experiments are being conducted on ignorant citizens and even the well-educated sections of society are unaware of such inhuman treatment in the name of scientific researches. This book is a humble effort to explain the underlying scientific rationale of mind control in simple words.
The Scientific Basis Of Mind Control – Arun Kumar Singh


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