The Republic (Om Books) – Plato


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The Republic by Plato is a Socratic dialogue, written around 380 BC; it is one of the most influential works of political philosophy. As is the norm in Socratic dialogue, here too, Socrates is the main speaker who engages in dialogue with other Athenians on the idea of justice. The central question that Plato addresses is ?what is justice?? both at the individual and political levels. He supplements his ethical question with the Secondary question ?What is the relation of justice to happiness?? he furthers his argument with examples of a just city (kallipolis) as well as through discussions of different modes of justice, virtues and vices, the importance of a philosophical king, amongst other ideas. Since mid-19th century, the Republic has remained one of Plato?s widely read dialogues and continues to influence political thought.The Republic (Om Books) – Plato

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