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The Myth of Sisyphus – Albert Camus


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Once, a Greek mythological figure named Sisyphus was punished to perform a task of pushing a boulder, up the mountain repeatedly, to see it roll down again and again. In this book, the author questions the meaningless quest of humans to seek meaning, clarity, and enlightenment in their lives.

The Myth Of Sisyphus (Penguin Modern Classics) is majorly concerned with the philosophy of absurdism and existentialism. The author compares the situation of Sisyphus and the situation of humans. He draws a similarity between the two to further question the purpose of life. He also touches upon the aspect whether suicide is the only option of man or not.

He urges that to seek the real purpose of existence, one must accept the absurdities of life and not merely conform to the normal way of life. The author also suggests that once the reality that humans have a limited time on the planet is accepted, normal traditions would be perceived as less important.

In a nutshell, The Myth Of Sisyphus (Penguin Modern Classics) aims at conveying a message that a man should live his life to the fullest. The re-issue edition of this book was published by Penguin UK in 2000. It is available in paperback.The Myth of Sisyphus – Albert Camus

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