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The Making of the Greatest (Warren Buffett) – Abha Sharma


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Think of growing your money in the modern world, and the first person you think of is Warren buffett?legendary investor, the Oracle of Omaha, stock-market Wizard, philanthropist, business magnate, the most frugal billionaire, and a man who could beat the market repeatedly. More important than these Superlatives, buffet has earned unparalleled respect and admiration the world over. How did this man, who was rejected from Harvard Business School, become this surreal financial Superman? How could he make astoundingly successful decisions about the stock market, while sitting hundreds of miles away from the bustle of the new York stock exchange, without compromising on his ethics ever? What were the qualities that enabled him to reach this pinnacle? Read about the curious legend and his life?his continuing love for junk food, his struggle with public speaking, the paradox of his frugality and the donation of almost all his wealth to charity, his beautiful love story, and an unusual marriage. From selling chewing Gum at the age of six, to bailing out airlines and National Banks from financial distress, Warren buffet is an extraordinary legend who is going to inspire millions of people for centuries, for his is the story not only of hard work and self-belief, but also of a man who never compromised on his principles, yet built an unbelievable fortune not just for himself, but for many others too.
The Making of the Greatest (Warren Buffett) – Abha Sharma

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