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The Life of a Nepali Village Boy – Ambika Mohan Joshee


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He is talented: able to secure work, develop schools, and convince others to aid these selfless efforts, especially in education. And he is responsible: responsible to the farmers in the co-ops he led, responsible to the students he taught, responsible to the volunteers he prepped and supported, and responsible to his family above all. His work touched the lives of thousands. -Will Newman, former Director, Peace Corps/Nepal
The Life of a Nepali Village Boy will greatly inspire students of any level and professionals in any sector to make every effort to improve the quality and relevance of Nepal’s education system. -Chij K. Shrestha, former Vice President and Asia Director,
World Education
This is a book that will inspire Nepalis throughout his country and give all Americans new insights into our own nation mirrored in the eyes of a person from a culture far different from our own. Page by page Ambika reveals his journey from the simplicity of a roadside town in the foothills of the Himalayas to the bustle of Kathmandu and from there to his life with one foot in his homeland and the other in America. The Peace Corps was fortunate to have his gentle and honest service for all those years. He helped hundreds of strangers in his strange land learn how to serve others with sensitivity and perspective. This glimpse into his life will remind us all about the meaning of dedication and perseverance.
The Life of a Nepali Village Boy – Ambika Mohan Joshee

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