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The Last Train Home – Elle Cook


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On the last train home you expect to find…

– Standing space only
– Drunk people singing
– The overpowering smell of McDonalds

You never expect to find love.

When Abbie and Tom cross paths traveling home after a night out, their eyes meet across a crowded carriage and their connection is unmistakable.

What they don’t know is that moments later they’ll both be caught up in an event that will change them forever.

It is one that will bring them together. But it will also tear them apart.

A lot can happen in seven seconds. A lot can happen in seven years.

Can they find their way back to each other?


‘This is an awesome book! It gripped me from start to finish. . . A wonderful, unconventional, captivating romance’ Sue Moorcroft
‘I absolutely devoured this funny, moving, unputdownable novel.’ Jenny Ashcroft
‘A wonderful, heart-warming, different love story.’ Tracy Rees
‘A beautiful, uplifting story from start to finish’ Virginia Heath
‘A compelling modern love story brimming with emotion and heart’ Fiona Gibson
‘A heart-wrenching roller coaster full of missed opportunities and tenderness.’ Caroline Khoury
‘Romantic, warm and swoon-worthy’ Emily Stone
‘A gorgeous love story full of suspense, drama and tenderness.’ Eleanor Ray
‘A touching story of love, fate and second chances.’ Fiona Lucas
The Last Train Home – Elle Cook

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