The Inner Journey (Old And Rare) – William C. Chittick


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In Search of the Divine
The Quran says, ?Wherever you turn, there is the face of God,” and, it tells us, ?He is with you wherever you are.? Muhammad remarked that spiritual virtue is to be found in serving God as if you see him, for, even if you do not see him, he sees you. The understanding that God is always present has animated the personal piety of Muslims from earliest times. These essays by well-known scholars and Sufi teachers as well as excerpts from classical Islamic literature suggest the great variety of routes that Muslims have followed to reach the vision of the Divine in all that exists.
The physical journey is neither more nor less than an outward enactment of an interior journey, the journey from the periphery of our being to the center, the Heart which, for Islam, is the point at which the vertical and the horizontal meet, the point at which the Divine intersects with the human.
-Gai Eaton in ?The Haji?
Man is the bridge between heaven and earth. On the one hand, he is to leave earth for heaven; on the other, he is to bring back heaven on earth. He is to serve as a conduit, a channel, for Divine Grace.
-Seyyed Hossein Nasr in ?The Long Journey?
The Inner Journey: Views from the Islamic Tradition is part of an eight-volume series from Morning Light Press in association with Parabola dedicated to the world’s great sacred traditions

The Inner Journey (Old And Rare) – William C. Chittick


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