The Idea Of Integrity And The Universe Of Corruption And Anticorruption – Devendra Raj Panday


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This book is about the ways in which one could be more critical and socially creative in the study of corruption and anticorruption, and the advocacy against it. It asks fundamental questions about the state of the dominant discourse. It points to the need for interrogating the subject matter in a broader and more inclusive light than at present. The questions have to do with the proclivities for self-regarding behavior that produce corruption, as we know it, and higher corruption that needs to be understood for effective advocacy and resolution. The book tries to answer fundamental questions by invoking the idea of integrity as the main organizing principle and by examining the general social relations and conditions in the whole society where the specific cases of corruption are embedded. It points out that the unbridled and callous pursuit of selfish goals by a small group of people with power and wealth at the cost of the powerless and vulnerable sections of the population is fundamentally not a technical, but a social and moral issue. The book explains how one can be strategic in anticorruption in the interest of the welfare of the people who legitimize it. It illustrates how integrating the means and end in the pursuit of integrity can enable anticorruption advocates to rise above their current fixation with the technical and legalistic processes rather than with the actual outcomes. By linking self-centered behavior of human beings producing higher corruption with the larger social and political relations and by tracing corruption to the source, the book redefines the goals of anticorruption and strategizes the possible societal engagements and political action against it.
The book is also rich in empirical analysis of the actual cases of corruption and anticorruption together with the measures taken nationally and internationally. It does so by presenting illuminating and educative comparative perspectives, especially between Nepal and the United States. Looking ahead, the call for partnership for integrity should be notice to political parties, civil society, and the international partner to whom the call is addressed.
The Idea Of Integrity And The Universe Of Corruption And Anticorruption – Devendra Raj Panday

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Devendra Raj Panday


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