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The Himalayan Gateway (Rare) – George Kotturan

The Himalayan Gateway – George Kotturan


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-F.M. Hassnain 204pp, Rs 60 On account of its unique geographical position, Gilgit occupies a place of great strategic importance for the subcontinent of India and Pakistan. In the words of Lord Curzon, the illustri- ous Viceroy of the British in pre-independent India, it is one of the northern gates of India through which a would-be-invader must advance. Even today, Gilgit is a meeting ground of many close neighbours like Afghanistan, China, India, Pakistan and Russia.
Based on original sources, this book is the only available work exposing British diplomacy in Gilgit.
Prof. F.M. Hassnain, Doctor of Indology, is a scholar, historian and author and is presently working as the Director of Archives, and the State Editor, Gazetteers, Jammu and Kashmir.
426pp, Rs 100 Kerala has evolved through the ages its characteristic socio- economic situations like matriliny, polyandry, feudalism, caste, etc., as well as many typical customs and manners and folklore which have excited the curiosity of sociologists and anthropolo- gists all over the world. The contribution of the Keralite to the realm of folk culture, particularly arts and festivals, is invaluable in every sense.
In the six chapters (each with a select bibliography) comprised in this volume, the author has given a synoptic survey of the social and cultural history of Kerala with all its picturesque details.
Prof. Menon is the author of several standard works on Kerala History and Indian History, both in English and in Malayalam. His A Survey of Kerala History, Cultural Heritage of Kerala- An Introduction, Indian History and Modern India-A History since 1707, may be mentioned in this context.
BHARATAVARSHA-A Political and Cultural History of India -Balkrishna Govind Gokhale 368pp, Rs 100
The history of India is a many-splendoured story ranging over four millennia from the Harappan age to the Nehru era. Each of its chapters deals with a distinct age wherein outstanding facts of the political chronicle are skilfully enmeshed with significant facets of development in social and economic life, literature and the arts, religions and philosophies.
Balkrishna Govind Gokhale has been teaching Indian history and civilization for the past thirty-nine years; fifteen in India and twenty-four in the United States.
The Himalayan Gateway (Rare) – George Kotturan

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