The Great Conspiracy against Russia (Old & Rare) – Michael Sayers, Albert E. Kahn

The Great Conspiracy against Russia (Old & Rare) – Michael Sayers, Albert E. Kahn


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The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), or the Soviet Union in short, is no more. The world’s first proletarian state after the short-lived Paris Commune (1872), it breathed its last in 1991. Geographically the largest nation, the USSR in military terms was such that even its most formidable foe had not dared to match the steel. Politically, it had had one of the most stable administrations, and economically, the progress it made during its heyday was no less than a “miracle” even for many economic geniuses. Besides, it had the pride of having one of the least polluted societies in the world.
As the history itself bespeaks, the downfall of the USSR had not come about overnight. Efforts to disintegrate the nation had started even when it was an empire, under the Czar Romanovs. Understandably, intrigues only accelerated after the epoch- making Great October Revolution, yet, the “rationale” behind those treacheries remained all the same. For the masterminds of mischief, the dismemberment of Russia would mean the division of her vast natural resources among themselves, and ultimately the consolidation of their own political and military might at the cost of Russia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. For this end, all those, who were impelled by diverse interests of their own, joined hands. Overt and covert conspiracies, both within and beyond the Soviet territory, accelerated, which, in the long run, only helped Russia’s Fifth Columnists at the top of the Soviet state and party to strike the final blow. The conspiracies hatched up by the forces of reaction against the Soviet Union, or to say, against the entire human race, chill the spine. Piecing them together is pain- staking, which Michael Sayers and Albert E. Kahn-authors of The Great Conspiracy Against Russia-did it. By letting the world recognize the true face of reaction, they -have rendered an invaluable service to the entire mankind. Although the book covers mainly the turbulent years between the two Great Wars, it also gives readers a deep insight to see the behind-the-scene events that could have taken place thereafter. Keeping in mind the great value this book carries for the enhancement of mutual harmony and international understanding among peoples, and through it, the betterment of human civilization, Progress Publications has endeavored to republish it, 50 years after its last publication. We have always upheld the idea that if the publication of books like this had continued in the past, the world would never have been what it is today. Anyway, we hope the reproduction of this book-especially in the light of the demise of the Soviet Union and its aftermath-will serve as a nutritious food for thought for all.

The Great Conspiracy against Russia (Old & Rare) – Michael Sayers, Albert E. Kahn

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