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The God in Disguise – Naresh Kusi


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Wild yak was recently rediscovered (in 2014) for Nepal after 55 years of assumed local extinction. Today, upper Humla is the last refuge in the country to this largest mammal of the Himalayan landscape. The very small transboundary population of wild yaks in Nepal face multitude of threats including poaching for meat and trophy (head), habitat encroachment and hybridization by domestic yaks and retaliatory killing due to conflicts with local yak herders.
Lets protect them for our upcoming generation.
This fable narrates the cultural link Limiwa (the people of Limi, upper Humla) have with the wild yaks.
Portable Library publishes illustrated story books, fables and other relevant educational materials. It aims to nurture curious minds of children by distributing the publications to community schools and libraries.
The God in Disguise – Naresh Kusi

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