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The Dreamer And Other Stories Of Saki (Om Books) – Hector Hugh Munro | Hector Hugh Munro (December 18, 1870?november 14, 1916) was a British author who wrote under the pen name, Saki. Hailed as a master of the short story form, Saki is often compared to Dorothy Parker, Anton Chekhov, and br>o Henry. His beautifully crafted stories, laced with generous doses of sardonic humour, irony, and elements of the macabre, expertly lampoon the hypocrisies of conventional society. Through his stories, he expressed his sympathy with the oppressed, particularly children who are forced to suffer the cruel hegemony of the adult world. With cutting wit, remarkable skill, and clever use of animal imagery, he mocked the popular customs and foibles of Edwardian society and exposed its real face in stories such as ?gabriel-earnest?, ?Laura?, and ?toberymoy?. many of the characters he created?outspoken Laura, outrageous Reginald, ambiguous clovis?remain perennial favourites with readers. Surprising, witty, and entertaining, they Spring to life on the pages. This collection features some of saki?s finest stories including the ?unrest cure?, ?the interlopers?, ?sredni vashtar?, ?toberymoy?, an ?the open window?.

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Hector Hugh Munro


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