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The Conclse Dictionary Of Nepali Language – Chandra Lal Singh


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There are some dictionaries from Nepali into English. There are practically not even a single dictionary so far in the book market serving most of the needs of the people. This concise dictionary is intended to serve this purpose for both Nepali and non-Nepali reading public. Every entry of words has been done meticulously with a view to serving the general public as the reliable source of information about the words of Nepali language. As such the school, college students, office workers and other people working in different branches of knowledge will find this dictionary a helping hand to understand Nepali language. Some special features of this dictionary are:
Entry of about 50,000 words of Nepalese ethnography, culture, art, literature, religion, sociology, anthropology, economics, politics and other subjects. Avoidance of obsolete words. Maximum entry of the words of common usage which help understand or communicate better in Nepali language. Correct and precise translation of words in a simple manner in order to avoid confusion, misunderstanding and inaccuracy. Simple meaning given to words keeping in mind the needs of students, learners and officials of various categories.

The Conclse Dictionary Of Nepali Language – Chandra Lal Singh

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