The Book Of The Vedas (Old And Rare) – Virender Kumar Arya


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Hinduism has a following of one billion people and yet many of its traditions are barely known outside India. Who are Kali, Shiva, and Krishna? What really is karma? This in-depth study of the holy writings of the Vedas and the Upanishads explains the reasons for Hinduism’s enduring appeal.
Discover the enthralling adventures of the gods and goddesses, and their human manifestations, the avatars. Lose yourself in the hypnotic texts of the
Mahabharata, the Ramavana, the Sutras, and the Puranas.
Unearth the true principles of yoga and its uses in channeling life-giving
energy through the chakras and nadis of the body.
Use ancient wisdom to find peace today.

The Book Of The Vedas (Old And Rare) – Virender Kumar Arya

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