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The Adventures of Pinocchio (Rupa) – Carlo Collodi (old/rare)


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The Adventures of Pinocchio (Rupa) – Carlo Collodi|The Adventures of Pinocchio is the classic tale of a naughty puppet carved out of a piece of wood by a poor man called Geppetto. He names the puppet Pinocchio and wants to become rich through him. But Pinocchio has his own plans and he dreams of becoming a real boy and runs away!
Pinocchio?s numerous adventures are both sad and hilarious as he comes across all sorts of folks?human, animals and even fairies! And add to all this, every time he speaks an untruth, his nose grows an inch longer! Soon, he realizes life is not easy and somewhere in between his hardships, Pinocchio becomes wise and good. But will his goodness be enough to let him become a real boy after enduring his trials? Will Gepetto be able to become rich? Read on and find out.

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