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Sorting Out Sid – Yashodhara Lal (old/rare)


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Sorting Out Sid – Yashodhara Lal (Old/Bargain)|Siddharth Agarwal a.k.a. Sid has it all ? a fifteen-year-long marriage, a bunch of devoted friends, and the chance to be the company?s youngest-ever VP, all at the age of thirty-six. But, behind the scenes, his life is slowly falling apart, what with his marriage on the rocks, parents who treat him like a delinquent child, and overly-interfering, backstabbing friends. And that?s not even counting the manipulative HR vixen and the obnoxious boss he must tackle in office. So, when lovely, spunky single mom Neha materializes in his life, she brings into it a ray of hope. But will she cause the brewing storm to finally erupt? Who said it would be easy sorting out Sid?

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