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Smriti’s Smriti – Smriti Rimal


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When I first met Smriti Rimal, I was fascinated by her thinking pattern and the way she deciphered and connected vast conceptual matters easily. It was unbelievable and even inspirational how such a young girl would compose arguable matters and project her views distinctly. Though I haven’t had a chance to work with her more, I am more than privileged to have been given a chance to go through her creation.
Her writings varies from topics of profound political subjects to voicing her opinions on the most sensitive topics. Not only this, she conveyed her emotions regarding certain events by channeling them through journal entries. Though this may seem a simple approach on elaborating an experience, it is certainly noteworthy. She radiates both vulnerability and raw enthusiasm as well as abundances of maturity. I can see a very bright future awaiting her and I am extremely lucky to have made her acquaintance.
Dr Rabindra Sameer

Smriti’s Smriti – Smriti Rimal

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