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Small is Big – Amit Agarwal | What is the common theme in the following true-life experiences?

An organization becomes an iconic brand by retaining only 3 per cent of its products.
A CEO gets more done by organizing ten-minute focused meetings.
TED talk speakers inspire millions within eighteen minutes.
A father adopts a three-day workweek to spend quality time with his daughters.
A tired person transforms his life by embracing one micro habit of waking up at 5 a.m.
Observe Closely
These choices say YES to a small set of things that matter and say NO to everything else.
These choices remove clutter.
These choices find meaning and joy in little things.
And this is the essence of Small Is Big.

Using extensive research, life experiences, and hands-on exercises, this book reveals the Small Is Big source code and outlines how to apply it.
When you harness Small Is Big, fulfilment, productivity and extraordinary results are inevitable.

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