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Samriddiko Roadmap – Prakash Bikalpa

समृद्धिको रोडम्याप – प्रकाश विकल्प


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Samriddiko Roadmap – Prakash Bikalpa | I am well aware that it may not be an illusion, but to speak out against the belief that seems right to most, that is, dear, is as inconsistent and challenging is as saying to someone licking food with good taste as horrible. However, once this is the truth, it becomes the responsibility of every conscious person to face the challenge. For the time being, most find such antithesis unpleasant and unacceptable, but in many ways the fruit it gives is quite tasty and acceptable. At that time, it was even less challenging for Galileo and Charles Darwin to advance scientific facts and arguments contrary to the beliefs of the church, the clergy and the religious followers, and it was a threat to life! But the challenge was right, they attacked religious superstitions and left the truth in a logical way.

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