Samantako Relay Daudh – Sabiri Gautam;Kailash Rai;Pratyush Wanta

सामन्तको रिले दौध – सबिरी गौतम; कैलाश राई; प्रत्युष वन्त


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Samantako Relay Daudh – Sabiri Gautam;Kailash Rai;Pratyush Wanta | Nepali women have also been participating in the global parade of the movement for equal rights in various ways. From the streets to the parliament, radio, magazines, television, various means of public debate, the movement has reached the Internet and its various social networks. Due to the sacrifices made by the previous generation in the struggle against inequality, the path of the next generation has become easier to some extent. However, the fight is still on as equality has not been fully guaranteed. The book chronicles the struggles, contributions and personal experiences of women who broke through the private / family circle and came to the public sphere in view of the lack of adequate documentation of women’s struggles for equality and other socio-political objectives.

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