Roads to The Valley(Legacy of Sardar Pritam Singh) – Kiran deep Sandhu


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The Indomitable Spirit of Sardar Saab
A Philanthropist, A Pioneer
A Visionary Leader
Sardar Pritam Singh is referred to as the pioneer of transport in Nepal. He is the visionary who revolutionized road transportation and logistics in Nepal. However, his contributions to Nepal are not limited to transportation and infrastructure. He is a philanthropist who strongly believes in giving back to the community. His tireless efforts and contribution in the fields of education, social services, spirituality, crisis management and his commitment to empowering people are truly remarkable.
Sardar Pritam Singh is a true embodiment of leadership in every sense of the word. This captivating biography chronicles the journey of a young man who fearlessly blazed trails where there were none. From crossing the treacherous Ganges with three trucks, to driving in the dangerous mountains of Nepal, Sardar Pritam Singh’s vision and efforts led to increased connectivity, accessibility, and opportunities for growth and social equality for the people of Nepal and India. His life journey offers valuable lessons on entrepreneurship, leadership, and spirituality, through a plethora of anecdotes, testimonials, and stories, which truly reflect how each one of us has the potential to positively impact the world around us if we have the intention to do so.
This book is for anyone seeking to be inspired by the story of a true leader who revolutionized and etched a mark, not just in the minds of people, but also in history, through his unwavering determination, vision and compassion.

Roads to The Valley(Legacy of Sardar Pritam Singh) – Kiran deep Sandhu

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