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Raw Dreamers – Arsalan Akhter (old/rare)


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Raw Dreamers – Arsalan Akhter (Old/Bargain)|Very much like every other young boy, Amen too is fussed up into the magnificent-sounding words- “Cherish your dream, live your life” He is strangled into a big mind when he is fifteen years old and decides that he is meant to be in the Indian cricket team but his sky-scraping mind suddenly goes to burial ground when he receives the news of having failed in the ninth grade. He holds his fantasies tight, thereon. The idea of leaving home is just delayed and not rejected. Amen’s mom makes him understand the actual achievement from life; it stands out as the novel’s justifiable philosophy with which the actual journey of the boy starts. This story is narrated by a twenty-six-year-old half-old, half-young man who gets camouflaged, secretly delivered by God. Entwined in the family conservativeness, the boy struggles but does not, at any point, stoop to all these demands. Despite being involved from neck to toe, he fights to keep his dreams untouched, unblemished, and undented, and such was his resolve. He longs to disappear, to fly away to larger horizons and make a man of himself. He feels like a nestling, waiting for the sunny day when he would soar the skies. So he keeps fluttering his wings at his nest, looks, and sighs at the limitless sky. He wished to foresee what the future had in store for him, and he just couldn’t wait. Familiar string, friend’s closeness, father’s debt, sister’s talk-nothing restrains his dream as to get mere forgetful. He disappears from the sights of family for exactly one year and announces his well-being only through e-mails, which emotionalizes the whole journey abstractly. The more he goes ahead, the more people he meets. The girl he finds perfect, the camouflage secret he gets-everything boils down to his achievement. Achievement with a new definition. Thousands of dreams can’t match up to what Amen achieves.

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