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Radha – Krishna Dharabasi * Madan Puraskar Winner 2062 BS


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Radha – Krishna Dharabasi * Madan Puraskar Winner 2062 BS (bestseller) |

Madan Puraskar Winner 2062 BS

Radha is a metaphysical novel that starts with a real-life situation and delves into the world of fiction. In this novel, Krishna Dharabasi tells the story of Mahabharata from the perspective of Radha, who traditionally just serves as a love interest to Lord Krishna. Told from a female eye, Radha is a ground-breaking novel whose plot resembles the situation of Nepalese women. With Radha, Dharabasi brings to life the Radha that was, for so long, suppressed and negated by our culture. Here, unlike in the Mahabharat, Radha exists on her own.

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