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Power Thinking – Ujjawal Patni | Power Thinking Know the secrets behind the successful people which they willnever reveal?.. Be selfish in widening your social circle? prepare a ‘hot 25 list’ and seek your role models…Celebrate an idiot day once every month? become a slave ofyour habits?. Market your self aggressively, display yourattributes unabashedly? because what shows? willsell. Power Gratitude, Power Reading, Power Language, PowerWindows?..and much more. I am sure that Power thinking willcross the barriers of age, class, language and nation to attainworldwide fame. Exceptional book, exceptional thinking. FamousRevolutionary saint Muni Shri Tarunsagar ji Coming generations willsay: the term Power Thinking was coined in India. Extremelypowerful, original, world class, destined to be a bestseller.

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