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Politics Of Culture (Old And Rare) – Tb Subba


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This book traces the cultural proximity and the similar destinies of three Kirata communities living in the eastern Himalayas?the Limbu, the Rai and the Yakkha. Spanning the last two hundred years, this book outlines the process of economic, linguistic, religious and cultural degeneration that the groups faced at the hands of the powerful Gorkhas in Nepal and the Namgyals in Sikkim, resulting in their becoming victims of state formation in these two erstwhile Himalayan kingdoms.
The author reconstructs the story of these communities on the basis of historical as well as ethnographic data, and explains their need tereconstruct imagine) today, an identity for themselves despite the time and cultural resources they have lost.
This incisive study of a region and of communities largely silenced through a lack of visibility in academic research, is an outcome of the work Professor Subba undertook as a Homi Bhabha Fellow.
Professor T B Subba is presently Head of the Department of Anthropology. NorthEastern Hill University (NEHU). Shillong. A Homi Bhaba Fellow from 1992 to 1997, his area of research is the eastern Himalayan region. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (Shillong), published by the North-Eastern Hill University, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Human Ecology (New Delhi).
Politics Of Culture (Old And Rare) – Tb Subba

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