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Of Love and Politics – Tuhin A. Sinha (old/rare)


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Of Love and Politics – Tuhin A. Sinha (Old/Bargain)|What happens when the political drama that unfolds in the country’s corridors of power spills over to a complicated personal bond between three young people? Aditya, like the Congress party he belongs to, tends to be elitist and aristocratic; Brajesh Ranjan, like his party the BJP, swears by an overtly nationalist agenda; and Chaitali Sen, like the CPI(M) she represents, swears by the underpowered. In this page-turning book set in the thick of political party manoeuvring and against the backdrop of India’s nuclear deal, the author writes a riveting story about love and relationships that are made and broken by the ideologies of the political parties that each of these three protagonists represent. It takes a horrific incident like 26/11 to make each of them realize the shortcomings of the parties they swear by and to look at the larger picture.

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